Port of Rotterdam Authority
For the Twin hub network project it is very relevant to have the Port of Rotterdam as a partner, as Rotterdam is one of the hubs in the Twin hub network and a gravity point of flows in North West Europe. The port authority knows the port development challenges and policies and can support the project with such knowledge. Such a contribution is of special relevance in the project pilot and also in work package 3 which addresses long term infrastructure issues. The Port of Rotterdam advocates in its policies a stronger cooperation with the other large seaports along the west coast Antwerp and seeking win-win opportunities through cooperation despite the fact that both ports are also competitors. This aim excellently fits into the Twin hub concept.

Port of Rotterdam Authority / Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V.
Wilhelminakade 909
3072 AP Rotterdam

For more information: A.E.Willeumier

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Project meeting
WP 2 (business plan) meeting
15 March 2013, Delft, Netherlands

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Plenary meeting Twin hub project
8 February 2013, Delft, Netherlands

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Ports, Terminals & Intermodal Transport 2013; Strategies, developments & Innovations
6-7 February 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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