Zeeland Seaports

The policy of the Port of Zeeland is to develop intermodal transport running through the port of Vlissingen and in this framework to promote rail transport between the port and European inland terminals. The size of intermodal (rail) flows at Vlissingen is very modest and is expected to remain relatively small over the coming decade. In this period the best strategy for the port will be to link up to the rail services of the large seaports of the region (Antwerp and Rotterdam), preferably by train. In this regard the Twin hub concept is a relevant opportunity for the port. One of the Twin hub pilot trains could go from/to the port of Vlissingen. This makes the port of great interest for the Twin hub project. The port authority is aware of the port development challenges and can provide the knowledge of port policies and those of actors in the port. In addition the portís viewpoint to some extent represents the viewpoint of smaller seaports in general, as all of them are in a comparable position.

Zeeland Seaports
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Project meeting
WP 2 (business plan) meeting
15 March 2013, Delft, Netherlands

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8 February 2013, Delft, Netherlands

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