Project structure

The Twin hub network kick off meeting in December 2011 marked the beginning of the project activities. The project runs until 2015.

The work is clustered into 4 work packages.

1) Identification of promising Twin hub networks
Work package 1 identifies promising Twin hub service networks and analyses their performance and competitiveness and the modal shift due to improved performances.

2) European pilot Twin hub service network
In work package 2 the intermodal operators choose one of the promising networks for a pilot operation to be carried out. The pilot and WP 2 are the centre of the project.

3) Towards programming and planning required infrastructure
Work package 3 gives an outline of what the infrastructure ideally needs for Twin hub operations to take place on a larger scale. In this WP the project tries to interest key decision-makers in the field of infrastructure, spatial and port planning in Rotterdam and Antwerp for such development.

4) Societal benefits
Work package 4 analyses societal benefits related to the performance improvements.

Project meeting

Project meeting
WP 2 (business plan) meeting
15 March 2013, Delft, Netherlands

Last project meeting
Plenary meeting Twin hub project
8 February 2013, Delft, Netherlands

Last Conference presentation
Ports, Terminals & Intermodal Transport 2013; Strategies, developments & Innovations
6-7 February 2013, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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